For the Loafing Crowd: How to Shop for Wrought Iron Gate Hardware

Most homeowners have a gate or two on their property that they feel is too difficult to get into, maybe it’s hidden away, or maybe it’s on a side of the property where you can’t see it from the road- it could be that you don’t want strangers accessing your back garden, or perhaps you just want to keep people out who shouldn’t be there and whatever the reason, you need to find a way to make this gate easier for visitors to access.

This type of hardware works by attaching directly to the gate itself and is resistant to rust and corrosion so it will withstand regular use without looking out of place or hogging valuable space on your property, if you’re looking for some stunning options that won’t break the bank, then check out our list of the best wrought iron gate hardware.

What Is Wrought Iron Gate Hardware?


Wrought iron gate hardware comes in a variety of styles and designs, each with its unique purpose, it is often made from welded bars and attached to a gate with cross braces; the hardware is typically decorative and made from iron, but it can also be used as an important structural component, some manufacturers even produce designs that are inspired by vintage hardware, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for as there are many different types of wrought iron gate hardware, each with its distinct looks and uses- we’ve broken down the most common types and their most popular uses in this article.

How to Find Wrought Iron Gate Hardware for Your Home


The best way to find wrought iron gate hardware is to ask around, you’re likely to find someone nearby who has some they no longer use, ideally, they’d be able to sell you some great pieces at a reasonable price; if you’re not sure where to start, try searching online classifieds or bulletin boards for metal and gate vendors in your area or if your local community has a metalworking collective, you might also be able to find some unique pieces there and if not, you’ll still likely find some great deals online- don’t let price be the obstacle in your buying journey, gate hardware often costs less when it’s made in smaller quantities and shipped cheaper and if you are prepared to sacrifice quality to save money, you will end up wasting both time and resources, which will increase the total cost.

Things to Consider When Finding Wrought Iron Gate Hardware


When looking for wrought iron gate hardware, there are a few aspects that should be taken into consideration.

  • Design – Pick a design that blends in with your fence’s aesthetic and doesn’t compete with any paint or other decorations you may have on your property.
  • Iron is a great material for gate hardware, but there are many other, more expensive options available, make sure you are aware of the materials used to create your hardware so you don’t end up spending more than is necessary.
  • Finish – Verify that the hardware’s finish matches the one on your home, the classic color scheme of your home will make bright, chrome hardware look quite cheap.
  • Weight Limit – The weight limit for gate hardware is around 50 kg, which you should be able to lift without difficulty, and the weight restriction may be broken if you intend to lift the gate using both hands.


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