How To Get A Coat Of Arms

If you are interested to use a coat of arms to represent your clan, family, or company, you could try some online resources. A coat of arms will express the uniqueness, identity, and values of a family or a company. There are several steps involved in this online process and the end, you receive an official Coat of Arms and can even get a Certificate suitable for framing.

Find The Right Site


To find the right site, start with a short list and go from there. Once you have your short list of sites, open each up and see where they are located. Also, look at the prices that each site has and see if their prices are in line with what you want to pay for your coat of arms.

Most sites offer several different sizes for different prices so make sure you choose wisely when purchasing one on a site. Good ones are flexible and comprehensive, and allow you to customize every aspect of your design.

Choose A Design For Your Crest


The process of obtaining a coat of arms starts with choosing a design. Unfortunately, many places sell ready-made coats of arms that are unofficial, but some providers like allow you to find an official and original coat of arms for your name that has existed for hundreds of years.

The great thing about online crests is that they’re inexpensive and cost-effective as well as very customizable. With just a few clicks, anyone can have their crest created and added to their existing family name – whatever its origin may be!

Pick A Surname For Heraldry


Pick a surname for heraldry. You must have a surname, it can be an old one or a new one. To get a coat of arms or items like a genealogy chart, you need an existing coat of arms to use as a foundation or root. This means that if you do not have any ancestors with a coat of arms, you may need to get one created one for you using your surname.

Heraldry can be used to create a coat of arms if one doesnt already exist or your name,  to add personality, distinguish yourself, and make your mark. Sites will assist you in choosing an emblem that suits you personality if you need one created: they’ll find images that represent you, your values, and your interests.

Choose A Motto Or Saying For The Crest


A motto or saying is an important part of your crest. It will set the tone for the design, and help to inspire you when choosing colors and elements. Choose words that represent something important to you, or simply something that sounds nice.



Sometimes, we view heraldry as old and outdated. However, our curiosity compelled us to learn more about it, particularly in the form of creating our coat of arms. If you have considered creating your coat of arms or crest, then armorial websites are a great place to start.

They offer tips on how to create one and how you can use your design for more than just decoration. So if you’re thinking about creating your coat of arms, then armorial sites can open up the doors for you.


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