Tips That Your Kid Should Consider For Writing A Letter To Santa!

When Christmas is on the way, you see people get excited and start planning their Christmas week that; how are they spend it with their close ones, family, and friends. It’s a festival that excites people of every age group, whether kids, adults, or older people. People like to do plenty of activities during Christmas, such as baking cookies, writing letters, sending gifts to each other, etc. Your kids get complete joy during the Christmas holidays, but the only thing they are excited about is to write a letter to santa. This letter-writing concept is ancient, and the kids of the present generation still follow it.

Children write such letters to santa in order to fulfillment of their wishes by asking from Santa. Kids do not know that Santa Claus is inaccurate, so their Parents read those letters and try to fulfill their kids’ wishes. Moreover, it’s the best way to know about your child’s desires, like what he wants to receive in the upcoming year. So here are some tips that will help you write a letter or tell your kid to follow such tips while writing the letter.

Tips to be followed are:

  • Sometimes kids usually save the special stationery items they plan to use while writing a letter to Santa. So ask them to bring all while beginning to letter writing.
  • Begin your letter by mentioning greetings like dear Santa or using To Santa Claus. Re greeting is the beginning part of the letter.
  • After greeting, you should tell your kid to provide a brief introduction of themselves. In this way, Santa will be able to know who is writing such a letter. We know millions of children write letters to Santa, so it’s crucial to introduce your name and address in it to remind him.
  • The next tip is to start writing your letter with the sentence “I’m writing this letter to you because..” and fill it with your reason for writing the letter. Instead of telling the reasons for writing, you wish Santa Claus happy holidays.
  • Now it’s time to specify how your whole year was, what good things you did, etc., or you can tell your kid to mention what he wants to become in the future or any other essential things that your kid wants to share with Santa has written in the letter.
  • Make sure your kid is asking for fulfillment of the wishlist politely from the Santa. Try to make your kid understand the value of being polite while asking something from Santa. Also, narrow down the wishlist before writing everything in a letter.
  • You have to ensure that your kid is writing the crucial things that will be beneficial and bring happiness to your kid’s face.

At last, your kid needs to thanks Santa for blessing with everything. So these are the essential tips that your kid needs to consider while writing a letter to santa.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.