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Artworks. re is a UAE, Dubai-based online art store. We provide our customers with affordable, durable, and high-quality art prints, framed and canvas prints.

You can get your own map of Dubai city framed art print now!

About us 

At artworks, we believe in fairly supporting artists. a part of the profit from each sale is shared with our featured artists.

All the printed canvas and framed art prints are ready to be hung on your wall. All our products are handcrafted and customized to the order.

You can find prints ranging from a map of Dubai city to Japanese artwork, we provide a wide range of selections to choose from.

Product Features: 

  • The prints are of gallery quality
  • They are made from premium quality fine art paper
  • They are made of Fade-resistant archival inks
  • It will be delivered to you ready to hang
  • The orders are custom made to your need
  • Made in the UAE
  • They are all designed In-House, we do not exploit or steal art from artists. ‘’ believes in supporting UAE artists
  • The designs are exclusive to our stores and directly benefits our featured artists

Frame size options: 

  • Small Portrait 30cm x 40 cm
  • Medium Portrait 45cm x 60 cm (+AED100.00)
  • Medium Large Portrait 60cm x 80cm (+AED210.00)
  • Large Portrait 75cm x 100 cm (+AED300.00)
  • Extra Large Portrait 90cm x 120 cm (+AED410.00)

Some of our UAE based artworks:

Map of Dubai city print:

With its continuous desire to build larger and faster than before, Dubai’s cityscape is perpetually transitory and ever-changing. Nakheel imagined the World Island if there was a Palm Island. When the BurjKhalifa was built, it overshadowed the Burj Al Arab.

Dubai is always competing with itself, attempting to entice travelers to a fantastical world of attractions. This drive can be seen in the city’s landmarks, malls, parks, and hotels.

Map of Dubai city print aesthetically captures the hustle of the city.

Burj Al Arab Dubai Framed Art Print:

The United Arab Emirates, founded in 1971, moved rapidly to design and build one of the world’s most famous hotels just within 28 years of its inception.

The Burj Al Arab, which is located on a secluded, man-made island, is a popular photo background for both residents and visitors.

This artwork will surely elevate your modern- theme interior design.

Dubai Desert by Andy Smith Canvas Art Print:

The desert safari is one of the most popular day excursions among tourists to Dubai. People come from all around the globe to view the city’s deserts and get a taste of Bedouin life before it became a tourist destination.

Desert safaris are thrilling, interesting, and an all-around wonderful way to immerse yourself in local culture while also having a rare chance to view the desert up close and personal.

This art piece by Andy Smith will be great for gifting a dunes lover or hanging in your living room to remind you of your fun excursion.


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