What is an AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap?

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The Armory Den (AD) Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap has unique features that set it apart from every other adaptive solvent trap on the market at the moment. It combines versatility, durability, function, and aesthetic appeal without compromising on any of them. This is an adaptive solvent trap made from user’s experiences to meet pressing needs.


The AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap is incredibly light and super strong, and it outperforms the older models available. It is built from 7075 Billet Aluminum (aircraft quality) with Type 3 hard Anodize – Matte Flat Black finish. It has a model lathwork finish on its tubes and cups that allows firmer grip while cleaning the cups. The standard AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent trap kit includes nine radial storage cups, a three-inch tube with the industry-standard tube thread (1.375-24” TPI), and one sealed end cap.

It is an incredibly versatile adaptive solvent trap because of its 1.375-24” TPI Tube Thread. This feature means that the AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap can attach to the muzzle of more firearms, whether directly or through an adapter. The 9/16×24″ or .578×28″ Thread Mounts and 1-3/16×24″ to 1.375-24″ Adapters make it more adaptable than almost any other options available on the market.

The AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap comes with nine storage cups with configurable 60°storage cups and a distinctive octagonal design. These features give the firearm owner freedom to choose his cleaning method without any compromise. You can use as many storage cups as you need depending on the type of firearm and volume of cleaning solvent you will use during cleaning. Hence, you are not limited to an unadaptable cleaning routine.

When all nine cups are stacked on top of each other, it is 8.75 inches long and weighs only 9.8 ounces. When only one cup is attached, it weighs only 3.5 ounces and is just over 3 inches in length. When nine cups are attached, it is in its longest configuration, while it is the shortest when only one cup is attached.

The adaptive solvent trap kit does not include the 9/16×24″ or  .578×28″ Thread Mount for the AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap. However, you can order them here from the Armory Den website.


Why Should I Get the AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap?

If you have more than one firearm in your catalog or use your firearm frequently (more than once a year), you should also have a corresponding need to clean your firearm. The AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap comes with adapters as part of the same unit. Hence, you can use it for a wider caliber of firearms. The aircraft-standard aluminum material also makes it incredibly durable. It is also incredibly lightweight because of the purpose of its original materials. All the items in the solvent trap are Type III Hard Coat Anodized.


How Can I Get the AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap?

Armory Den offers the AD Radial-8 Adaptive Solvent Trap at affordable costs so that users get value for their money. Delivery is typically within ten to fourteen days from ordering. There are also customer care representatives on hand to guide you to find the adaptive solvent trap you are looking for. Click here to visit the website


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